2021 SEC Conference Agenda

Agenda Is Preliminary And Subject To Change

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  • DAY 1

    Thursday January 28rd

  • DAY 2

    Friday January 29th

  • DAY 3

    Saturday January 30th

  • 1. Boil and bite, AM aligner and construction bite (1:10 PM – 1:55PM). 2. Appliance evaluation and the importance of obtaining a good impression (2:00 PM- 2:45PM). 3. Oral Examination and practical chairside upper airway evaluation (2:50PM- 3:35PM). 4. Intra oral scanners (3:40PM – 4:25PM).

The Houston, Sleep Education Consortium presents a unique opportunity to learn about the dentists’ role in sleep disorders treatment (we don’t just treat “a” disorder).

This conference focuses on teaching the D.D.S. an overview of sleep disorders, starting from the basics and moving to the more advanced aspects of how dentistry can play a vital role in the field of Sleep Medicine.
In an effort to provide the best educational experience the conference is specifically designed to address the educational needs of the D.D.S.

The One-On-One Special Training Workshop is structured to give the dental assistant the knowledge and understanding in order to recognize sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in their patients, to comprehend the treatment rationale and how it is applied to the clinical setting, and to give basic understanding of the dental assistants role in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

By addressing the patients’ questions regarding sleep issues, the dentist and support staff can be grounded in the broader aspect of sleep disorders on a basic level. Attending both days of the conference will allow the dentist and support staff to become familiar with a multitude of sleep problems, and they can be more responsive to questions patients may ask as the dentist screens for sleep disorders within their practice.