The Sleep Education Consortium is pleased to present the Sleep Education Consortium Conference:

The Growing Role of the Dentist in Sleep Disorders Medicine: Integrating the Dentist into the Medical Treatment Team

October 4-6, 2018

Gain the knowledge you need to address your patient's sleep concerns in a three day comprehensive course tailored to provide Dental Professionals with the essentials to build their dental practice in this evolving area of dentistry.


This conference architects the growing link between dentistry and sleep medicine, and it will become clear how the dentist can play a larger role in the overall health of patients.
The Houston, Sleep Education Consortium presents a unique opportunity to learn about the dentists' role in sleep disorders treatment (we don't just treat "a" disorder).

In an effort to provide the best educational experience the conference provides lectures specifically designed to address the educational needs of the D.D.S., and the second day of lectures is open to all health care professionals and has a broader range of sleep related lecture topics.


By addressing the patients' questions regarding sleep issues, the dentist and support staff can be grounded in the broader aspect of sleep disorders on a basic level. The conference will allow the dentist and support staff to become familiar with a multitude of sleep problems, and they can be more responsive to questions patients may ask as the dentist screens for sleep disorders within their practice. The educational methods will include lectures, Q&A and panel discussion.

This course meets the lecture and clinical requirements of RULE §108.12 Dental Treatment of Sleep Disorders adopted by the TSBDE on June 11, 2014.


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Phone: (281)-269-7881
email: sec@resttech.pro

Testimonial from Amy Urban, DMD from Autin Texas who attended the 2016 course:
" RE: 12th Annual Sleep Disorders Conference April 15-16, 2016:
The information in this course will profoundly affect how I practice dentistry, particularly how I treat TMD and bruxism. This evidence based course successfully demonstrated the link between sleep disturbances and clenching. It was a comprehensive, thorough, efficient and enjoyable conference. The guidelines of the Texas Dental Board Ruling 108.12 were discussed along with providing a full panel of physician and dentist speakers. This provided me the necessary tools to collaborate with a physician, while providing the pertinent clinical care to my patients. This course will successfully equip the practioner to screen for sleep disorders and provide the knowledge base to understand the critical changes in sleep medicine during the recent years.
This course will also provide a broad didactic curriculum as well as a fantastic clinical component. This course was the most efficient, pertinent, interesting course I have ever attended. "
- Amy Urban; DMD, Austin, Texas